Project Description

AK 47 & Shotgun
Guns & Bullets

“Shun! You have a real military preparation, soldiers! This is not a holiday camp! Gather all your strength and do your best! ”
We offer you the incredible opportunity to shoot with the legendary Kalashnikov AK47 and a real shotgun! At the shooting range, you will be met by a professional instructor who will give you special training in handling the weapon. Each of you will have 60 AK47 bullets and 10 shotgun shots, and in addition to shooting, you will also have private military training!
Remember that courage and excellence are highly valued in the military and awarded with medals – we have prepared them for the best of you!

We provide:

  • 60 bullets from AK47 and 10 bullets from shotgun
  • military training,
  • medals for winners
  • our guide
  • private transfer

Price Per Person: 101 €

Min number of paid packages: 7 

Approximate duration: 3 hours