Project Description

Shooting – 50 bullets
Guns & Bullets

This offer will bring true adrenaline and adventure spirit into your stag party! All the guys love guns and shooting, and we’ll give you 3 hours to shoot all 5 different weapons. Yes, to shoot, really! Each of you will have 10 bullets for each of the five weapons. And what are the weapons? Glock, H&K, CZ75, 357magnum, Margolin 7.62mm – true classics and a guarantee for incredible adrenaline.

Defeated targets are a valuable trophy for men of any age, and a competitive character and a winning zest will fill your party with a genuine emotion that the groom will not forget. To cool your passion, we offer a great cold beer to tune in to a party wave for the upcoming party night
We provide:
• 50 bullets from 5 guns – Glock, H&K, CZ75, 357magnum, Margolin, 7.62mm
• 1 beer
• our guide
• private bus


Price Per Person: 52 €

Min number of paid packages: 7

Approximate duration: 3 hours